Why I Promote Self Care | My Story | Happy Women’s Day

Happy Women’s day! I wanted to come on and share my story on why I empower women.

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Mina Irfan is an author and life coach with a bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies from Northwestern University.
Fun Facts: 1. We are Dave Ramsey Millionaires
2. I eat a grain free diet and have controlled my Autoimmune disease medication free for 5 years!
3. We save 80% of our income.

Her passion is to teach others to become the star lead in their own life instead of playing the side role to someone else’s. Mina teaches personal accountability, positive thinking, self care, and the importance of intentional lifestyle plan.

Her husband, Irfan is an Engineer (Masters in Mechanical Engineering) and Process Improvement Expert. Although he is good at what he does, his passions lie elsewhere. Irfan plans to retire before his 49th birthday from his career to pursue his passion in Physics and Philosophy.

Together, Mina and Irfan have 3 beautiful kids who inspire them to live a more meaningful and intentional life. They are highly motivated to leave a legacy of good values and financial habits for their kids.

We are a family of 5 on our way to financial independence. Our goal retirement date is August 2020. Join us on our journey to living a happy, joyful, and intentional life.

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