♡ SUNDAY SELF CARE | Favorite self care activities for women’s health | Adrenal Fatigue Recovery

♡ Self Care on Wellness with Yan. Let’s discuss self-care for women’s health, why it’s important from the hormonal aspect, and what are some of the ways we can do this.
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🔴 Hey all, it’s Self Care Sunday!
I woke up feeling refreshed. Beautiful weather, chill temperatures. A pseudo-fall-surge perhaps. In this video, I shared a little on why self-care is important for women’s health, how it affects our HPA axis, our stress response.
Even for the busy burnt-out women and mothers, self-care is important.
And I also make a smoothie, WITH EGGSHELL cracked in it!
Let’s Feel AWESOME together and love you all. Xoxo.

⏱️ Timestamp:
00:30 Bright Morning
01:21 Self-Care Talk
05:30 Heading out for walk / crowded Sunday
08:16 Book Share: SUPERTHINKING and making decisions

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