SELF CARE ROUTINES » 20 Ideas for mental and physical health (self-care)

SELF CARE ROUTINES » 20 Ideas for mental and physical health (self-care) // Looking for some ways to relax, and take care of yourself and your mental health? In this video, I share 20 self care ideas and healthy habits that actually work.

The tips in this video are designed to be relaxing and calming in the moment (absolutely wonderful for a pamper routine, self love routine, detox or self care sunday) but are also really great for your health, now and in the future!

Self care rituals are wonderful for everyone, and of course the activities in this list also fit perfectly into a minimalist lifestyle. If you want to know how to relax, it’s also important to know what it is you truly need. Because we are all different. How can you really pamper yourself? What makes you feel amazing? It’s time to discover these things.

Minimalism and self care actually have some things in common, if you ask me. And this video is actually a short excerpt from Simple Happy Zen’s online course, called In Love With Your Life – 20 Weeks to simplify your life and amplify your happiness. If you want to improve your life through simplifying, check out the course here:

How you do practice self-care and self love? What do you do on a self care morning? Let me know in the comments!

Lots of love,
🌼 Vera

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